Everything has a time. Everything has a place. Maybe our timing was just off. Maybe we were meant to love each other but not be together. How are you supposed to know when your heart yearns for someone not there?

The space that we had together, was something so simple. Nothing grand or perfect. Just simplicity in it’s best form. The space created through hearts, clear yet spacious. It was like a conscious being, it never let us chose our distance. Some days, we were closer than ever, and other days, we were farther than we had ever been.

Timing. The butterflies you left in my stomach are still there, waiting for another chance to pollinate, another chance to be set free. They never left, just as my feelings are still strong.

Just because the timing was off, doesn’t mean we aren’t meant to be one day. Just because our love wasn’t strong enough doesn’t mean it won’t be one day.

My heart aches some days, for the way I treated you, for the way I kept us from loving one another. I wasn’t meant to fall for you. I didn’t see you coming. I wasn’t ready. But, now I am.

With this space between us, are you ready to love me? The timing may be just right.