Hobbies seem to come and go, like a breeze on a fall day. As a student in middle school, I always wanted to make the best of the memories that entailed my days at St. George. I didn’t always have the best times then, but, then again they weren’t the worst times. I had a lot of great memories to bring home everyday after school, so where would I put these memories? In a scrapbook of course. They were all the things from pictures to valentines day cards to movie ticket stubs to remember what movies I saw back then. I also used to cut out travel magazines of all the places I wanted to visit. Today, I decided to start that trend all over again. I took the memories of my year of service and pasted them into a book with sunflowers on the outside. I enjoyed putting my memories in a book that I could show my family. So I guess the next thing would be to go travel to the places I used to cut out. And make a scrapbook of my travels.

They say don’t get a job in your passions or hobbies, but what if that’s all you know?


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