What Do You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your Life?

“What do you want to do for the rest of your life?”, my mom asked over the phone as I am discussing my future.


“If I could,” I said, “I would travel the world for the rest of my life, write about the people I met and the way they lived, how their cultured thrived, and take photos of the lessons of life I had learned…I would take these lessons and introduce them to others, maybe they could try a few & pass it on.”


But, then reality set in…I’m a twentysomething who is lost. Not necessarily lost in a wilderness, but more of lost in my future. Lost in the way society tries to make us something we aren’t. Lost in the way that  a desk job 9-5 everyday makes others feel. Take it as you see it, but I’d rather be lost in my dreams very happy, then found somewhere that makes me unhappy. Life is what you make it.



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